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In today's video, I'm diving into the invaluable lessons from the book "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, focusing on the concept of resistance and how it hinders progress. I’ll share with you not just the theory but practical strategies to overcome this resistance, which is the key to surpassing the majority and achieving remarkable success. If you’re ready to break through your barriers and get ahead, this is a video you can’t afford to miss.

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Support Team

  • @russellbrunson says:

    WATCH NEXT – If I Wanted to Be a Millionaire Before 30, I’d Do This: https://youtu.be/VAFozS9z1Ds?si=D0iDEaYvurRwplZ2

  • @fromdonwithlove says:

    I love what this channel has become after the relaunch. You’re serving all of us at a higher level, Russell. Thanks for doing what you do. The focus on service to others is felt!

  • @trevor-page says:

    I’ve found that as soon as I feel the resistance, I hop into Chat GPT and start talking to it about what I’m resisting. Helps me to push through and start to get the ball rolling

    • @gjthomas9770 says:

      Yes ! Chat gpt is definitely human like that. It’s kind of like Arnie went human in terminator Do you enjoy spiritual magazines bruv ?

  • @evanmichael9745 says:

    Tony Robbins has a beautiful note on this… “Don’t negotiate with yourself.” Take massive action today and when you hit resistance, do not negotiate with yourself…taking massive action is nonnegotiable. And you can apply this to everything…getting up, exercising, serving your customers with something unexpected today, all nonnegotiable.

  • @CheteKalaba says:

    Thanks Russell, I needed this.

  • @phi765 says:

    This is a very timely video! I was literally feeling resistance due to being overwhelmed and laughed once I started watching this. God bless Russell! 🙏🏾

  • @evancrowley4898 says:

    Dropping some depth on strong principles! 👏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you! Very applicable in our modern day. Fantastic antidote to lean into our full measure and creation against the resistance of primal lower nature. Both sides are valuable, one’s the ground the other is the sky. One’s where we come from, the other is where we’re going. Important to accept both, be anchored, and still fly🦸🏼‍♂️

  • @socialahmadnawaz says:

    Russell, love you, my man! ❤
    Even after achieving enormous levels of success, you are still relatable (even more), authentic and genuine. I love how driven you are. Showing up consistently, pushing your boundaries, bringing mountains of value to your audience, you are something else!!

    Also following your journey of writing a bestselling book, and i am sure man, you are going to do it!! ❤️

  • @kostaftp says:

    Thanks Russell! KEEP PUSHING 💪

  • @thegoodguitarschool says:

    I use a program called focus mate to help me stay focused, it’s been a game changer.

  • @WyattChristman says:

    What I love about this video is that you took the time to document and show – resistance won today I am going to take a nap – rather than just tell the idea – we get to feel the pain of creating – one thing to talk yet those moments you filmed are what ground it in reality…which makes your solutions that much more believable – ie achievable…Have had the book for a long time, it’s so tattered now…when resistance comes through I pay attention to the emotion of it because it’s my brain and body trying to tell me something – I know this goes against what’s being said slightly but creativity isn’t always a straight line, it gets squiggly…and that walk that I might do because I have been focusing for a long while releases an idea and I bring my notebook so that I capture that idea when it comes, I get excited again…I acknowledge what is being asked…that nap might be needed…and as long as I am not grabbing my phone or going for a distraction – I know it’s dangerous yet there is a dance between pushing and allowing a reframe, walking, taking a short nap, getting up and moving…sometimes it’s good to push through yet sometimes the muse is asking you to dance with the ideas in a different way…as long as I am consistent with the ideas – getting those core three things done for the day lets say – it can be important to play with what comes forth rather than just brute force…that said this can of course be dangerous, maybe you go off the rails…yet you are only one writing session, one meal away from being back in the zone…one funnel away, one idea away, one more dog in the fight from victory so even as that danger comes up, you get up and keep on going…

  • @coachtinab125 says:

    This was helpful Russell, thank you. I liked when you said oh, resistance won today, took the pressure off, just because it won today doesn’t mean we can’t win tomorrow. Also the temptation of shadow work, like working for an entrepreneur instead of the harder work of being one. Appreciate you 🙏

  • @user-qm9uv6qv2h says:

    oooohh the resistance is strong in me!! Your videos do help. Good to recognise it. need to strive through!

  • @taylorfelipe1757 says:

    muito legal, gosto muito dos seus videos, esta de parabens.

  • @burntunemusic says:

    Russell, I went from 0 to 5 in trying to Create my Music Community of learners… I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my Mentor. And now again I’m stuck trying to grow this thing… This Resistance stops me again and again and again. But I have evidence of what I have been able to achieve and your video is inspiring me to keep moving forward

  • @AutomationTwist says:

    One of the things which worked for me is to create excitement… Lack of excitement leads to procrastination… And, on top of it, I try to build habits of doing the same thing.. Habit formation+ excitement for the work helped me in reducing the resistance.

  • @personaltrainingforyourmind says:

    Russell B, this video and it’s message was so GOOD, authentic, and relevant to entrepreneurs! We can all bypass RESISTANCE with meditation training. The resistance is a stress response; it’s the Flight and Fright responses! Meditation training, activates another response that I call the “FREEDOM RESPONSE” that emerges when our brain waves are in a state of coherence, our Limbic brain gets down regulated, and our parasympathetic is switched on to induce relaxation. The FREEDOM response can help you enter the FLOW state; Training our brain into coherence also amplifies our RECEPTIVE brainwaves-alpha and theta waves. The most productive performance state is FLOW and its backed by gamma brainwaves; in the flow state we are totally free from FEAR or RESISTANCE-the flight and fright responses. Getting out of RESISTANCE is trainable and attainable using specific meditation methods that I teach. Shabaka Amen

  • @TakuraNyagumbo says:

    This video is worth watching a few times.

  • @oyamamdleleni says:

    For me it is the joy that is set before the resistance, so looking forward to what lies ahead as the Bible says. That is it for me. Meditating on the outcome.

  • @ballinbuddha says:

    This advice kept me stuck for years. It’s sound at heart but here’s the nuance thay most miss: You don’t need to overcome resistance in order to take action. You can just feel it, let it be, and just take action instead.

    But what most people do when running into resistance, is to fight it, to add more energy to it, to make this imaginary force more real.

    Don’t give it that power.

    Instead embrace the feeling – that’s the opposite of resistance. Then it loses it’s power.

    You don’t overcome or beat it, you trancend it and let it go.

    Don’t get me wrong. It takes time to outgrow old patterns. But you don’t want to be Steven, waking up every day only to fight yourself… wake up looking foreward to what you’ll create that day!

    Hope this helps someone. ❤

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