5 Income Streams that Made Me $237K in Only 63 hours

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Let's stop thinking about trading time for money, and instead think about investing time up front, and continually getting paid for that work over time. Here are 5 specific income sources from my own books, and I reveal why they work, and the strategies that keep them going.

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Support Team

  • @ankitkawatra3172 says:

    Thanks @Pat for sharing the useful information. I started blogging a few months back and thought to generate some extra income from the ads sense and Affiliate commission.But after writing a few blogs and not getting the traffic..Feels demotivated.. Please guide.

    • @patflynn says:

      For affiliate stuff, find the ONE product that you can get behind and become the top voice for that with the platforms you have.

  • @billypetts says:

    Now that I think about it I’ve never seen Pat Flynn and Deep Pocket Monster in the same room 🤨 😂

  • @kwalkomedy says:

    Though you’ve never served in a middle school classroom – I think you’d be an awesome school teacher – you have such a clear, concise and easy way of sharing information that’s much appreciated. That is one thing I miss from those Income Stream days…. you just providing a wealth of informatin daily. I know no one wants a ‘2020 do over’, but a quarterly return of the income stream would be fun. just saying.

  • @yurydmorales says:

    – 0:00🤖 The traditional income model involves trading time for money, but what if you could invest time upfront and continue earning from it over time?
    – 1:00💡 Providing valuable free content builds trust and positions you to offer premium, headache-free solutions, creating opportunities for affiliate income.
    – 4:00🛠 Demonstrating behind-the-scenes tools and techniques can generate affiliate income, as people are often curious about the tools you use.
    – 7:00📧 Challenges can be an effective way to promote products and services, leading to recurring affiliate commissions over time.
    – 10:00🤝 Partnering with companies for events can drive conversions and result in substantial affiliate income, especially for products with recurring revenue.

  • @luxurycardstore says:

    Easy peasy getting it done if you have 441K subscribers on your YouTube channel, and several thousand email subscribers. You rarely mention the elephant in the room….

    • @patflynn says:

      A YouTube video performing well has nothing to do with how many subscribers you have – any one video can blow up from anybody no matter the subscriber count, so that kind of thinking is already putting you at a disadvantage. Everyone starts at zero.

      Plus, many of the campaigns were run before the channel got popularized. I don’t mention the elephant in the room because it’s obvious, you need to take action to get in front of people – if you think this is going to fall in your lap out of nowhere and you just have to get lucky, you’re thinking about it wrong.

      Plus, there’s people with way more subscribers who aren’t generating this kind of income as well, so it can’t be the subscriber count.

      Success is relative to how valuable you are to the people on the platform you’re on, and the platform itself. Go be that.

    • @BunnyMahajan says:

      @@patflynn With due respect to pat for putting in the effort to create all his work. @luxurycardstore does have a valid point. However, I reckon the elephant in the room is “what pat knows”. I have no doubt if someone stripped away all Pat’s existing channels and platforms he will still be able to generate income, even witha new name. Maybe not in hundreds of thousands, to begin with, but he will be able to survive.

  • @dsd5705 says:

    I am a newer subscriber, watching your presentation on another channel and you have gained supreme credibility because you know “1.21 gigawatts” is the best line from any movie 🤣☺️

  • @tube-master says:

    Taking the affiliate marketing route is a flexible, scalable, and relatively low-effort way for content creators to monetize our work and enhance our income streams. 💪

  • @miki_wiki12 says:

    I remember checking your monthly income reports back in the day. Just for funsies, I took a look at your very first income report back in October 2008. You made $7906.55 with Green Exam Academy and I was blown away. Look at you now, over $250,000 in 63 hours. Crazy!!

    • @patflynn says:

      I miss writing those income reports! Back when blogging was the primary content platform for everyone, they were so much fun to write up and share!

    • @arpitjain45 says:

      @patflynn please make those reports again

  • @zinzamailer1601 says:

    Which is better, creating a website and putting effort into it for affiliate marketing, or creating a personal brand and providing a service such as building landing pages? Note that I am 38 years old and I want a source that brings me a reasonable and more stable income. I want your advice. I am good at designing landing pages and Ad Creative design. ..thank you

    • @patflynn says:

      Both will work. Having a website is important regardless, but it’s what you put on it, and the kinds of things you’re trying to do on it that matter and help determine the best business models. I think you could potentially do both – offer services and such, but then for those who can’t afford your services, or, even those who can, you have recommended products from affiliates that you promote.

    • @zinzamailer1601 says:

      @@patflynn ​If you understand us, it would be better to have an affiliate marketing site, or rather a service agency site that has a section for articles that promote companies through affiliate marketing, instead of separating the two things, bring them together on one site, a special section for providing landing page and AD CREATIVE design services, and a BLOG section that contains marketing Affileate articles. Commission for all companies that provide programs and services, even if they are similar to the services that I provide.. Did I understand this correctly? Thank you for your cooperation

  • @rushinshah2892 says:

    Thanks pat for doing this. I have been following you since your early days at spi. I learned the concept of seo through your podcasts and blogs. And then learned a lot through our community and was able to land a job in the seo space, and now currently making $5k per month, and i am from india. So its a great income as per indian standards. Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as it all started because of you..

    • @patflynn says:

      Thank you Rushin, means a lot that you’re still here following even just a little bit! Keep up the great work! 👍

  • @BunnyMahajan says:

    I have always respected you Pat. I know you from the days when you had a duel competition kind of thing with another blogger. Love your work. If i remeber correctly I have been following bits and pieces of your work form the very beginning. I often wonder if there is any other people like me who have not started yet even after knowing you fromapprox 15 years!

    • @patflynn says:

      15 years that’s wild! Thank you for following on the journey for so long, and you’re not alone a lot of people have kept up for a while, but I also invite you to take action too it’s never too late!

    • @BunnyMahajan says:

      @@patflynn Thanks for the reply. 15 years in the making! I have recently joined the introductry course of aliabdaal and am thinking of either going with you or him or both to give me the required push. I have a rather modest Goalof being able to make a $1k on the side while keeping my day job. I get overwhelmen by what to do as there is SOOOO much. iin past i have tried a few courses but they are all more marketing that actual results.

  • @CircutCircus says:

    I feel like pat would’ve made an amazing college professor.

  • @JermaineBrantley says:

    Great video! Love your content! Are you using a screen protector, or pen tip cover, to make writing on your device screen feel more like writing on paper?

    • @patflynn says:

      Nope, just the iPad and pen that goes with it!

    • @JermaineBrantley says:

      @@patflynn Thanks! Watched your podcast “How-to” video(s). Recorded EP. 1 of video podcast today (going to use ipad to produce annotated overlays).

  • @CuchBe says:

    I think you are lying. AM can NOT reap this amount of money in this period of time.

    • @patflynn says:

      What would you like to see to help you, and why would I risk my 15-year business reputation lying? It’s not easy but it is possible.

  • @EcomCarl says:

    your approach of providing free tutorials and then offering a paid solution is a brilliant strategy for generating income while providing value to the audience. 💡 It’s all about leveraging initial effort for ongoing returns!

  • @ashokseebaruth says:


  • @Pianobluespiano says:

    Thank you for sharing

  • @Daniela-iy3js says:

    Hi. I love your energy, and I’ve just subscribed to your channel ❤ I’m excited to catch up on your previous videos! I have a question: when it comes to becoming an Amazon Affiliate, do I need to have an existing audience first? 🤔

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