Chris Lee: Master of Discipline

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Entrepreneur, mentor, and coach Chris Lee takes us on a journey through his unique upbringing and how it influenced his high level of discipline, structure, and boundaries, how he designed his life at age 6, his entrepreneurial ups and downs, and his 9-figure exit from his company. 1:27:20

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction

1:55 – Eric welcomes entrepreneur, mentor and coach Chris Lee to The Excellence Project.

03:25 – Chris describes how his unique upbringing influenced his entrepreneurial style.

09:46 – Chris got his first job when he was 9 years old and it forced him to be a morning person.

17:09 – Chris details how his upbringing has inspired his parenting.

24:31 – Chris had planned out his whole life at age 6. He explains how things turned out differently than the plan.

28:40 – Chris explains why so much of his hope and joy comes from discipline.

32:34 – Why Chris believes giving is one of the most selfish things you can do.

45:15 – Chris’ evolution from premed student to entrepreneur.

48:01 – Chris’ first company goes bankrupt and he ends up owing his father-in-law one million dollars.

55:44 – Chris goes to work for various companies in order to learn about business before he starts his hugely successful solar company.

01:06:32 – Chris receives a 9-figure exit when he sells his company.

01:13:16 – Chris shares why walking away from his business was the most depressing time of his life.

01:16:14 – Chris tells us how he reclaimed his purpose through The Founder Project.

01:19:17 – Chris reveals when he finally paid his father-in-law back.

01:22:39 – Chris offers his best advice on discipline, standards, and vision.

Resources From This Podcast:

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

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  • @jefflodl7732 says:

    Great talk on Discipline , Standards, Beliefs and KNOWING Yourself. No such thing as NO Pain, Just Pain of Discipline or Pain of Regret😁

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    Wow… I choose the pain of discipline.

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