Cryptocurrency Crash Caused by THIS…

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Why is crypto going down? Latest Cardano news? Let's discuss the cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, solana, ICP, altcoins & MORE! 👍

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00:00 Why is Bitcoin Crashing?
02:20 "Sell Bitcoin?" – CNBC Andrew Sorkin
03:38 The Greater Fool Theory
04:19 Bitcoin is Up 800% Since 2020
05:37 "Are You Scared ADA Won't Get a 30x?" – Cardano CEO
08:03 AI/DePin Airdrop To Farm on BASE
09:15 NFT Airdrop To Farm on BLAST

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Support Team

  • @nftshiller8485 says:

    That is not a crash this is a laugh and its not 30000 its 27,000

  • @melanie8912 says:

    $65,900 is NOT crashing!!!

  • @MorpheusMind says:

    We absolutely love it when Bitcoin drops so we can get more Bitcoin mo, Bitcoin😂

  • @lgx2410 says:

    Markets go up, markets go down… fuggetaboutit

  • @djameeenterprise says:

    Thanks for filling up my cup with my Daily dose of Altcoin top tier news

  • @CassiusCuvee says:

    You predicted the pullback, and I got paid! Thank you!

  • @MrHardbodies says:

    Christ sakes, it’s called consolidation

  • @citizengkar7824 says:

    Lucky I haven’t listened to mainstream anything, for over 40 years!
    More BTC in my account, as of this drawdown.
    Hopefully, it retraces a bit more, so I can drop my DCAing averages.

  • @InstitutoBTC says:

    charles hoskinson touch my heart! we fall as a big decentralized ecosystem or we success as a big decentralized ecosystem!!!!!!!!

  • @bogey2313 says:

    They should have to pay taxes on any gains since confiscation.

    • @jakkimanzitti5031 says:

      Yes! US Marshal’s should get slapped with capital gains tax.. Joe and Suzy Smith certainly would!

  • @Codysworld15 says:

    I never get why they sell it. They must know it’s headed much higher. It makes me nervous that they know something that’s coming up that’s bad for crypto

  • @user-hu7yt2ft1g says:

    We done this 3 times this month ! When a real crash happens no one will ask what’s going on they will know it happened.

    • @AdemAydn-zm6rh says:


    • @HayatkisaKiymetinibil says:

      As traders we definitely need to take advantage of every market we are in and it is a belief which I have strongly supported and stood by from day one. Rockwell Ferdinand is an amazing coach and has very accurate predictions,I honestly wish that I meet him sooner because if I did my loses would have definitely not much at all and there is a possibility that I would not even lose as long as I follow him and listen to him diligently.

    • @LindaRita-lf9fo says:


  • @cdbaz says:

    5:38 Go Cardano 🎉 $ADA gang

  • @imbobbymuddah says:

    He doesn’t want to put a target price on ADA because he doesn’t want people to know his exit strategy

  • @SaltEnjoyer007 says:

    Cardano is dropping double of btc and when btc go up, ada only go up half. Coin is realy undervalue and losing value wit passing time. Its crazy, ada should be muth more valued.

  • @1WINDSHEAR says:

    4 years of hell since 2020 and counting. When will it ever end?

    • @drunkenboxer123456 says:

      With corporations now in, they can scare everyone else out. Don’t expect many accounts to rocket

  • @LarsLarsen77 says:

    A hedge fund got stopped out on their MSTR short, and had to sell their billion dollar bitcoin long.

  • @midwestmike613 says:

    Not really a crash just buying opportunities imo 🙌🏽

  • @Get.Free.Crypto.Tokens. says:

    Slow is fast as one grows older and wiser they realize this. ADA is light years ahead it’s just not actualized yet. I’ll keep being patient.

  • @MichaelGrey213 says:

    As a newbie about to invest, you must have these four things in mind
    1. Have a long term mindset.
    2. Be willing to take risk.
    3. Be careful on money usage, if you’re not spending to earn back, then stop spending.
    4. Never claim to know – Ask questions and it’s best you work with a financial advisor.

    • @Aaronagenauer says:

      I remember when I just got into crypto back in 2019 but later in 2020 I ended up selling it because I was dumb and I didn’t understand it. I studied and learned and now I know how it works. Got back into crypto early in 2023 with 10k and I’m up with 128k in a short period of time. I’m especially grateful to Willem Trade

    • @adamjeremy8781 says:

      Oh please, how can someone get to speak with willem ?

    • @TaylorCviva says:

      Never Mind if I ask you to recommend how to reach this particular coach you are using his service?

    • @MichaelIsom-go1ku says:

      You’re right! I have lost a lot trading all by myself without a guide. It’s been an uneasy ride for me. Who is your mentor please. how can i reach him i really need help in this bear market now?

    • @MichaelGrey213 says:

      he’s mostly on Telegrams,

  • >