From Courage to Confidence with Justin Prince

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After Top Network Marketing Earner Justin Prince’s first company closed and his second one was sold, he resisted the urge to give up on the profession. Now he’s a Network Marketing Leader, International Speaker, Coach, and Author. Here he shares his journey, lessons learned, and how to do better, develop leaders, and grow an organization around the world. 1:27:04

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Eric welcomes Justin Prince to The Excellence Project.
01:49 – Justin recounts his background and how he was introduced to Network Marketing.
08:55 – Eric and Justin discuss whether or not success comes from hardship.
11:45 – Justin details the 3 things that make up the process that leads to success.
14:29 – Eric explains why seeing other people receive accolades stopped being motivational for him and what he did about it.
21:38 – Justin shares his “convert to hurt” theory.
30:18 – Eric tells us why barely earning 6-figures is a bad situation to be in.
32:09 – Justin reveals his ILI (Income – Lifestyle – Impact) concept.
40:35 – Justin tells us what he thinks makes Network Marketing so unique.
41:22 – Eric asks Justin about being involved with a company at a very early stage.
44:11 – Justin discloses a great leadership lesson.
46:47 – Eric and Justin discuss the 4 leadership languages.
50:08 – Justin stresses the importance of commitment and its relationship to momentum.
53:46 – Eric asks Justin if he is a pessimist, realist or visionary.
01:09:09 – Justin recounts a great story about how receiving the wrong score on the SAT test changed a student’s life.
01:15:42 – Eric shares the 3 traits of successful people.
01:17:49 – Justin explains that if you want to be in the top 8% of Network Marketing, you have to stick with it for one year.
01:24:07 – Justin shares how much Eric has impacted his life.

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  • @joyemakaunga says:

    Thank you Eric and Justin for sharing great values and learning experiences from our profession. Already downloaded the audio version of the book and can’t wait to listen to Justin’s wisdom and experiences. Thank you to both of you. Love your work, contributions and impact you both make in our profession.

  • @user-wk5re5ir7p says:

    This collaboration podcast was extremely helpful between these two gentlemen. Great great insight at a very high level.

  • @ChristopherMARSOLLE says:

    Thank you Eric for this amazing video! As Justin Prince said the secret is to have big dreams and goals and always looking for an opportunity to achieve them.

    I also believe that having a vision is the most important quality of a leader.

  • @nard-o says:

    Great guest. Got a lot of value from it. Thanks Eric.

  • @scramblendan says:

    I love this story. Talk about bringing it front and center. Here is the answer to your lack of success!

  • @communitypblplatform says:

    😢😢😢 Oh my goodness I am so emotional. Thank you so much I resonated with everything because of what I am going through right now.

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