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How Jesse Metcalfe’s Meteoric Rise to Success Lead to a Spiritual Transformation

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Actor Jesse Metcalfe discusses his struggles with self-esteem, his rise to success on the iconic “Desperate Housewives”, and his journey from addiction to sobriety and healing. 01:06:33

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction

01:22 – Eric welcomes Jesse Metcalfe to The Excellence Project.

02:30 – Jesse details his very first acting job on Passions soap opera and how he became interested in acting.

04:52 – Jesse discusses his lack of self-worth in his childhood.

10:00 – Jesse shares how his lack of self-worth manifested itself and that he was picked-on about his looks.

14:44 – How Jesse’s first role gave him the validation he was looking for, and why that was not a good thing.

18:58 – Jesse explains his method of acting and explains why actors must enjoy being the character.

27:02 – How Jesse worked on his self-esteem and found himself.

30:02 – What it was like to be on the iconic show Desperate Housewives.

33:31 – Jesse pulls back the curtain on his addiction.

40:08 – Jesse details all the different aspects of his healing spiritual journey.

54:01 – Eric asks Jesse if he considers himself an artist.

58:49 – Jesse lists the actors and directors that inspire him the most.

Resources From This Podcast:
Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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  • @simonmayingi9068 says:

    Oowwww network marketing is definitely shifting to consciousness i cant wait ti share mines I definitely mean it

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    Me urge aprender inglés 🎉

  • @christinemillerbeltran4919 says:

    LOVE you Eric! YES more Eric Worre books! I have been in your rmidst quite a few times (YOUNG LIVING Wellness, Purpose & Abundance Entreprepreneur & Network Markeing Professional). Go Pro has blessed us both in book form and in VEGAS in person! I bumped into you at the HOTEL the night before a Go Pro EVENT. Great moment with you and Marina!
    Jesse Metcalfe, LOVED this interview. I am a retired Actor….and an ARTIST. This was an AMAZING interview. I so related to your story and JOURNEY to yourself and your own Divinity. I love Joe Dispenza and just purchased Becoming Supernatural. The “INDUSTRY” needs your voice and your wisdom. Actors and Artists are the most seeking and self deprecating people that I have met in my life journey. Including my own personal experience and I spent half of my life as an Actor and performer. There is a book in me….you both motivated me to get going with that! Love both of you sharing your vulnerability, your self limiting paradigms and how you move through that to a place of choice and expression. I will definitely be following both of your careers with enthusiasm and cheering you on from my place in this Universe. God bless you both! Thank you for this wonderful interview. XO Christine

  • @jonbledsoe1883 says:

    yes It’s like you know me! Lots of the same mannerisms !

  • @jonbledsoe1883 says:

    This is a great interview ! this is really hitting home for me !

  • @sallydominguez1427 says:

    Excellent podcast!!Thank you

  • @davidgreene2555 says:

    Sat next to Jesse on a flight while he was starring in the “DALLAS” reboot. Very pleasant guy just like during this great interview with Eric.

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