How to Build Your Brand with Dillon Kivo

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Dillon Kivo, entrepreneur, PR expert, best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Authority Titans offers his expert opinion on being polarizing, shares how you can build your own brand without the help of a PR firm and also details when and why you might need one. 57:42

Show Notes:
01:08 – Eric welcomes Dillon Kevo to The Excellence Project.
04:07 – Dillon shares some of his views on brand.
07:03 – Dillon tells us whether or not you need to be polarizing to build a brand.
11:03 – Eric names the controversial topics that could get you canceled.
18:00 – Dillon explains why he would rather “ride the centerline” than be polarizing.
24:45 – Dillon points out that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sharing your opinions.
29:01 – Eric and Dillon discuss the importance of core values when defining brand and some well-known personalities’ brands.
36:11 – Dillon details what you can do to build a brand without help from a PR professional.
39:12 – Dillon offers a great way to increase your reach.
41:07 – Eric asks Dillon how valuable a podcast is.
45:16 – Dillon shares why 3rd party credibility is important.
48:06 – Dillon explains that you don’t have to be in crisis to hire a PR firm.
51:16 – Dillon expresses the importance of taking control of your brand.
54:06 – Dillon reminds us why we should have a website.

Resources From This Podcast:
The Name Above The Title By Frank Capra

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