How To Get ANYTHING You Want

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Wondering How to get ANYTHING You want? Unlock the secrets to success in life by understanding the power of wanting rather than just wishing. Join me in this video as I guide you through the steps to identify your true desires and reveal the timeless wisdom from Elsie Lincoln Benedict's 1923 bestseller, "How to Get Anything You Want," where she distinguishes between wishy-washy wishers and powerful wanters, the true rulers of the world

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  • @russell_brunson says:

    6 Steps that Made Me a Millionaire by 30:

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  • @jonathannunes3279 says:

    Genial ❤

  • @officialxmanish says:

    Amazing learning today, I am excited for the upcoming videos. Thank you,

  • @leadgenjay says:

    Great insights on the power of wanting! For entrepreneurs looking to apply this, remember that specificity is key in goal-setting. Instead of vague goals, define the exact metrics you want to hit, which makes your path to success much clearer and your actions more focused. Thanks Russell.

  • @johnchambers3312 says:

    Matthew McConaughey said that the trick to success is you gotta WANT it, not NEED it… A.K.A. once it becomes a NEED, your brain gets stuck in the state of not having it and it’s very hard to move out of it.

  • @LeonardoMorenoQ says:

    Also read and Wright what the book thought me, so a year from now I can revisit that particular book and see If I learn something different ❤

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    Sou brasileiro e o tenho passado a te você como uma métrica das tendências e coisas futuras em relação ao digital, e acredito que esse tipo de vídeo em breve será o que vai estourar no Brasil, obrigado por compartilhar tamanha preciosidade

    • @jacksonlima9091 says:

      Será mano? Tbm penso igual a você, somos de nichos diferentes

    • @SecretsMarketingBr says:

      @@jacksonlima9091 Cara, eu acredito que sim, nos ultimos meses o Russell havia parado de postar, e então voltou de uma forma muito especifica, acho que vale a pena ir pensando

  • @JinIXWolf says:

    Commit to 3 days of Cardio per week minimum each session 30mins.

  • @j6873 says:

    Being specific about your goals is so true. I opened a diary I wrote in over a year ago for things I wanted to achieve in the near future such as earn x amount of income, achieve x in the gym, find a life partner. I looked back and realised I achieved all the goals I wrote down.

  • @David-1987 says:

    Readers are leaders so good! The Videos are awesome.

  • @bobcekaymusic says:

    Wow all the villains are rich, you just blew my mind Russell.

  • @estebanlopez5372 says:

    Thank you so much Russell, glad to see you sharing your wisdom

  • @fernandosmbrandao9217 says:

    Incredible video Russel, congratulations, I loved the editing. I don’t know if it would be possible, but I would really love to see more technical videos. I would love to learn more about online sales. It’s just a suggestion😊

  • @lubosimaboshe says:

    Awesome video – for me this is “2024 the year of Focus ” what I want is focus.
    You are right most bad guys in big budget movies are rich.. It’s like there is this invisible “wall” between the rich and poor

  • @frankdougherty3233 says:

    WOW – you just hit at 1,000% Alignment of my book “Missile-Mind BOOM!” AND that is no plug … I just happened to get tingles when hearing you speak with such agreement to all the principles in my book (truly) of getting to your Life-Dreams & Goals and to, perhaps, the very reason … You Were Made. Great-Great share, Russell … BIG Thanks for all you do and teach!

  • @sanjeevnaliwal says:

    I was thinking to quit. Okay… Let’s try once again.

  • @dmitriydreval-simpleintern5928 says:

    For a ship that does not know where it is sailing, not a single wind will be favorable. Understand what you really want. Be positive and full speed ahead!

  • @AuthorBooksReader says:

    Never give Up!!!!

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