How to Leverage Network Marketing Income to Create Generational Wealth

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Network Marketing Professional and Author Andrew Logan tried (and failed at) everything he could think of to reach financial freedom, until he found Network Marketing and used the income as cash flow to create generational wealth and the life he dreamed of for his family. 01:33:07

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction

01:48 – Eric welcomes Andrew Logan to The Excellence Project.

05:18 – Andrew shares that he was a good student and studied to become a physical therapist.

08:17 – The moment Andrew decided he wanted to achieve financial freedom at 30 years old.

14:33 – Andrew explains that he tried many paths to achieve financial freedom, but they all failed.

16:02 – Andrew saved money from his salary to buy his first property.

24:00 – Andrew’s boss offers him a partnership and he is able to buy more properties.

25:21 – Andrew details the different ways he tried to invest and achieve financial freedom.

33:32 – Andrew shares what you should beware of when investing.

36:14 – Andrew explains what his family’s idea of financial freedom was.

39:21 – Eric asks Andrew what opened his mind to Network Marketing.

43:25 – Andrew pulls back the curtain on the moment Network Marketing changed his family’s life.

48:35 – How Andrew and his wife came to the realization that you have to have systems in place in order to be successful.

53:46 – Eric asks Andrew how long it took before he really felt like a Network Marketing Professional.

57:59 – Andrew walks us through the 7 steps to financial freedom.

01:02:15 – Andrew explains how to decide where to invest your money.

01:13:51 – Eric and Andrew discuss how to avoid losing your money through bad investments.

Resources From This Podcast:
The Way Out: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing

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