Jamie Kern Lima Wants You to Know that You ARE Worthy

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Founder of IT Cosmetics (a company she started in her living room and grew to the largest luxury makeup brand in the country) and New York Times bestselling author of Believe IT, Jamie Kern Lima shares details about her new book Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life; explains the difference between self-confidence and self-worth; tells us why it took her 4 years to call Oprah; and reads an excerpt from her insightful poem, “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just First”. 01:03:39

Show Notes:
0:00 – Introduction
02:17 – Eric congratulates Jamie Kern Lima on her new book, Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life.
03:25 – Jamie shares her business journey and how her struggles with self-worth affected it.
11:42 – Eric reveals his own struggles with self-worth.
13:55 – Jamie offers some statistics about self-worth and breaks down the difference between self-worth and self-confidence.
19:59 – Jamie states that everyone is born innately worthy of love and belonging exactly as we are.
26:38 – Jamie details the 3 main ways struggles with self-worth can show up in our lives.
30:31 – Jamie divulges why it took her 4 years to call Oprah.
40:53 – Jamie describes the steps we can take to feel worthy – seeing, unlearning, transforming and knowing.
54:02 – Jamie reads an excerpt from an insightful poem she wrote called “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just First”.

Resources From This Podcast:
Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life by Jamie Kern Lima

Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable by Jamie Kern Lima

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