Jorge de la Concepcion – From Poverty in Cuba to Prosperity in Miami

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In his first podcast ever, Network Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Health Coach Jorge de la Concepcion shares his journey from leaving Cuba as a child to making it big in Miami. 01:21:50

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction
01:11 – Eric introduces Jorge de la Concepcion.
02:51 – Jorge shares his Cuban origins and explains how he and his family moved to the U.S.
07:30 – Jorge quit sports at a young age to work at various different jobs.
09:12 – Jorge expresses that he was skeptical when he was introduced to Network Marketing through his parents.
14:10 – Jorge and Eric both had negative first exposures to Network Marketing.
17:50 – Jorge recounts how he tried to drag his dad out of a Network Marketing presentation.
20:41 – Jorge started using the products after his mother asked him for his support.
23:21 – People start asking Jorge and his wife about the product so they decide to join the business.
25:59 – Four months after Jorge and his wife joined the business an event he attended changed everything.
32:33 – Jorge reveals that he and his wife were the first in their company to use social media for promotion.
39:30 – Eric asks Jorge to share effective social media strategies.
43:17 – Jorge and Eric discuss the fact that they are both introverts.
51:20 – Eric asks Jorge how he and his wife build their business together.
55:41 – Jorge tells a touching story about his son with an important lesson.
01:00:03 – Jorge shares his least favorite things to do in the business.
01:13:44 – Jorge imparts the biggest lessons he has learned while growing his Network Marketing business.
01:16:56 – Eric asks Jorge what keeps him innovating and growing.
01:20:46 – Jorge thanks Eric for his contributions to the Network Marketing Profession.

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