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Lori Bradford’s Climb from Government Assistance to Top 10 in Her Company

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Network Marketing Leader Lori Bradford had an extremely difficult upbringing, but then an angel showed up and changed her future. In this week’s podcast she shares how she became a wildly successful Network Marketing Superstar. 01:10:36

Show Notes:
0:00 – Introduction
02:00 – Eric welcomes Lori Bradford to The Excellence Project.
02:50 – Lori and Eric discuss being an introvert in the Network Marketing Profession.
05:36 – Lori shares her very difficult upbringing and background.
13:10 – Lori leaves home at 15 years old, moves into an apartment with 9 people and sleeps on the floor.
14:32 – Lori details the moment an angel changed her life.
20:22 – How Lori made 80k a year as a teenager.
28:25 – Lori explains why she suddenly left her highly successful career and stopped working.
34:03 – Lori’s “weird” introduction to Network Marketing.
46:35 – Lori reveals that she wasn’t great at balancing being a supermom and an entrepreneur.
50:57 – Lori shares the lessons she learned from reaching the top 10 in her company.
56:49 – Why having an amazing upline is bad.
01:01:25 – Lori shares how contribution and legacy are influencing her next steps and goals.
01:05:14 – How divine intervention connected Lori with Eric.
01:07:11 – Eric asks Lori if any of her other family members are working in the Network Marketing Profession.

Questions or Comments?
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Support Team

  • @nikosjasonfakaro9187 says:

    Thank you Eric and Marina for all you have done to brand, promote and train The Network Marketing Profession to the standards and Education for us all worldwide. GoPro is a gift to everyone. Been following you since The TPN. 1994.
    Let’s Go 2024 !

  • @sallydominguez1427 says:

    Always great value ❤

  • @arneferrer2595 says:

    Traducir por favor!!

  • @Dianasilva-qk1fd says:


  • @ramironeizagualteros4893 says:

    Hi, Eric, be more specific in your questions and let your interviewee speak more.Thank you!

    • @user-hl5ms2di8y says:

      Wow Tough marker ! Do provide some examples of more specific questions so we can all learn please Thanks ( please notice. I didn’t ask it as a request. I stated it as a command, much like how you did – my natural tendency would be to suggest or request)

    • @anah6270 says:

      Oh, thank you for pointing that out. I don’t want to be disrespectful towards Eric, but there were instances in this and his previous interviews where I felt like he jumped in quick without giving them the chance to continue. In this interview for example, Lori was going to talk about what’s great about working with her daughter, but we didn’t get to hear that. Otherwise, a very enjoyable interview and I loved Lori’s story. Wow! Fascinating!

      Please keep these interviews coming! Love listening to them. Thank you.

  • @tylert4271 says:


  • @wendt2paradisehwa601 says:

    This was great!

  • @minnesotapinkdrink9885 says:

    Honored to be in Lori’s downline. She’s poured so much into me and my team over the years. Now that I’ve heard bigger pieces of her story, I think back to moments in time when she saw something bigger in me than I knew was there or even possible. Lori, you’re a huge part of why I pushed to Diamond and found success here. Thank again my friend for being such a precious part of my journey. Love you big!

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