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  • @JohnCrestani says:

    Ready to elevate your Affiliate Marketing game? Having affiliate links alone won’t cut it. Let’s talk strategy:

    1. Set Up a Sales Funnel: Create a 2-page website to collect emails.
    2. Craft an Email Campaign: Develop an automated sequence to promote your offers.

    These steps automate 90% of your business—essential for success. Don’t worry if it sounds complex; I was once in your shoes.

    Marketing is the key to sales. I share educational, valuable, entertaining content related to my niche/products 1-3 times a day. Building trust takes time.

    ✅Serve first. Sell second. That’s the key.

    👉 If you’re unsure where to begin, I’ve got you covered. Click the link in bio to learn these high-income skills.

  • @arahman608 says:

    Ohhh good video idea

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