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  • @Tentaclestudio1 says:

    Been following you for years. Advice is always so good! And love the new look, stronger style than the white T-shirt. Not that it should matter…

  • @bestforbuydotcom says:


  • @webmention says:

    Last Step : this entire video itself !

  • @rishabhrao6618 says:

    who edits your videos man? These are quality

  • @KINZonlineMarket says:


  • @pewpew783 says:

    This guy knows Alex Harmozi and uses the same framework with him so you guys can trust this framework

  • @j2shooz_ says:

    I will win this year ! ❤

  • @diosajennae says:

    Where does podcast content come in?

  • @itsjuliocesar says:

    Why start on X ?

  • @amjadhussainamjad8826 says:


  • @jacquesmulder8041 says:

    Holy moly bro. Have to an solid system or a team.

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