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  • @jazziwrites9227 says:

    Is it really helpfull Respected Sir !?

  • @Ayn_tech says:

    Sir my impression, big fan ❤

  • @Taxita says:

    Thanks Neil

  • @shanmugapriyan9186 says:

    Pasting the prompt in comment would be better

  • @Chad-Tyrone-Pookey says:

    Well done Neil, thank you. I’m always wondering about the art, science of a good prompt. Makes all the difference.

  • @sibsonraoul3069 says:

    Hi Neil Patel, awesome content like usual. Any ideas on how to use expired google approved websites ?

  • @automationsdigital says:

    Thanks Neil ❤

  • @MarcoStrategist says:

    Great to know!!

  • @seeyouthereinvitations says:

    We can’t get Bard in Canada.😢

  • @mmajczak says:

    It changes too fast…….

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