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Bitcoin bros want one thing… #altseason

Bitcoin holders just want one thing and its f#cking disgusting. #moon

Charles Hoskinson is tired of Gary Gensler & the SEC causing trouble for every crypto except bitcoin! Listen to what he says! He makes an interesting prediction about the future of crypto in the US.

Top 10 Crypto Founder GOES OFF on US Regulators (MEGA BLOW UP)

"Tell me! Is there an expectation of return with the goddamn orange-pilled moon boys?"

Charles Hoskinson 11/26/2023

crypto meme for the culture

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  • @aportilla007 says:

    I’m still waiting for him to eat his shoe.

  • @da_cat says:

    What exactly is an orange pilled moon boy ?

  • @DP-zi4cj says:

    Cardano is a scam

  • @paulwilson915 says:

    Michael Saylors loves this

  • @Maynardd says:

    Yes… yes, there is!

  • @user-gf2nu8ho2v says:

    When is hashflow going pump ⛽

  • @jontsa8752 says:


  • @howierobbery says:

    ada 😂

  • @matthewc462 says:

    No. We’re HODLing forever! Never selling

  • @GarysGuzzler says:


  • @JokinJoe says:


  • @mohamedchaib5084 says:


  • @JonnyBoy021 says:

    Can you believe this uncle looking fella is only 36 years old? 😂

  • @frustratedmajority851 says:

    Yea but there’s no CEO

  • @potter1328 says:

    Charles is pump up.

  • @r.pinkowski4440 says:

    Diamond hands 💎 👊

  • @joshone8881 says:

    Obviously, Ada is a security.

  • @watchlatestmovies533 says:

    You claim there is no way, but why? Do you know about Block Sailor BLOCK? This is going to soar to new heights.

  • @D39-wb5hn says:

    Block Sailor BLOCK is gonna explode anytime soon

  • @HaruTech3-el7pb says:

    I appreciate Block Sailor BLOCKs mission. Its encouraging to see a token that puts autonomy and decentralization first.

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