Priceless Advice from A Network Marketing Leader

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Network Marketing Leader Rob Sperry shares his expert training tips, advice on what’s working today, his views on leadership, and discusses the importance of patience. 1:25:16

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction

01:16 – Eric welcomes Rob Sperry to The Excellence Project and asks him about taking NyQuil instead of DayQuil before the interview.

03:58 – Rob and Eric discuss the current state of the Network Marketing Profession.

11:28 – Eric asks Rob if the success of an organization is based on its leadership.

15:39 – Rob explains why contribution is the goal, not retirement.

20:44 – Rob shares why “All Out Massive Action” is Eric’s most valuable training.

29:52 – Rob details why you should be a Networker first and a Network Marketer second.

35:57 – Rob reveals why Network Marketing Professionals should put quantity over quality when they are starting out.

41:48 – How Rob gets people out of paralysis and into action.

44:25 – Rob’s connection to famous educator and author Steven Covey.

46:36 – Rob explains why your desire to reach your goals has to be bigger than your fear.

54:21 – 95% of the things entrepreneurs do, they don’t like doing.

57:02 – Rob pulls back the curtain on the importance of getting people started right away.

01:02:24 – Rob lists what’s working in recruiting today.

01:07:26 – Eric and Rob discuss the current ratio of in-person to virtual interactions and events.

01:10:22 – Eric asks Rob how he defines a leader.

01:16:49 – Rob tells Eric that he should do a training on emotional intelligence for leaders.

01:20:37 – Rob shares the changes he would like to see in the Network Marketing Profession and his advice for people who want to be successful.

Resources From This Podcast:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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