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SPI 617: The Formula for Finding an Audience and Generating Revenue with Vanessa Lau

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#617 One thing that’s true about content creation is that consistency breeds legitimacy. But what if you keep putting in the hours and still don’t gain any traction? With no likes and no views coming in, what should you do? Vanessa Lau quit her Fortune 500 job to become a YouTuber, but finding her niche wasn’t easy. She now has over 600K followers and runs a multimillion-dollar company helping entrepreneurs and creators build businesses using social media. Vanessa and I start right at the beginning with the strategies you should use to find a niche. We compare platforms and discuss the vital importance of market research for beginners. We also talk about why Instagram is the best platform to get clients on when you’re just starting. Vanessa even shares some game-changing tricks I had no idea about, so this chat is valuable for entrepreneurs at any level. Make sure to listen in on this one! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session617 ( ) .

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