SPI 638: Are YouTube Shorts Helping or Hurting Your Channel?

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#638 We need to talk about Shorts. They're like pants, but halfway—just kidding! I'm, of course, referring to YouTube's somewhat confusing answer to the growing popularity of TikTok. When platforms launch new formats, posts that take advantage of them typically see a nice algorithm boost. That's an opportunity I jumped on with Deep Pocket Monster, my Pokémon channel. So what were the results? Well, it's complicated. You see, some of my Shorts amassed over 15 million views. But, if you listen in on today's episode, you'll hear how that actually ended up hurting my channel. That said, YouTube has since addressed concerns like mine and committed to some incredible new features. So is now the perfect time to reconsider Shorts? Join me for this chat to find out more, and stay tuned because the results of my 30-day TikTok challenge are coming next week. Show notes and more SmartPassiveIncome.com/session638 ( ) .

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