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SPI 712: The Creator Economy Middle-Class—Roundtable with Jason Feifer, Terry Rice, and Matt Gart…

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#712 Many of the highest performers, the people we often try to emulate, are actually miserable. You see, there are trade-offs in chasing extraordinary success that may not appeal to us once we understand what they are. So where's the sweet spot? How do we build a business we're proud of without sacrificing everything else in the process? Here's the thing—most people find incredible fulfillment in operating at a level of mastery in a small niche. This creator economy middle class is the topic of today's fantastic discussion between Terry Rice, Jason Feifer, Matt Gartland, and me. In this roundtable session, we help you define your version of success and discover the mindset to help you achieve it. We also arm you with the most impactful tools we're using right now and share a reading list to inspire you and shift your perspective. Enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session712 ( ) .

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