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SPI 747: How to Build a Six-Figure Brand in a Small Niche with Victoria Moll

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#747 I say it all the time—the riches are in the niches! Today's guest, Victoria Moll of Contempo Coding, is the perfect example of someone taking this to the ultimate level. So listen in to hear how she became the leader in her tiny industry and built a six-figure business around it! Victoria has amassed over 100K highly targeted subscribers on her medical coding education YouTube channel. That's bananas! She credits bringing personality and entertainment to what is often a dry, technical space as the key to her success. I'm not surprised—this is something that's vital for anyone trying to stand out online! In today's episode, we get an inside look at everything from how she found her content creation voice to transitioning YouTube viewers into paying customers. We also dive into Victoria's innovative formula for managing squirrel syndrome. If you need help figuring out which ideas are worth your time, tune in! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session747 ( ) .

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