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I'm breaking down why you should pivot from branding to direct response marketing. I'll share with you the key differences and why focusing on direct response is crucial for tangible results in your business. If you're ready to boost your marketing effectiveness and see real, measurable success, then this is the video for you.

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Over the past 20 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books (making him a New York Times Bestselling Author), popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded the software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

As of 2023, Russell’s training, teaching, and software has helped over 2,825+ people to make it into the prestigious “Two Comma Club” – meaning they’ve grossed over 7 figures inside of a single sales funnel!


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Support Team

  • @russellbrunson says:

    Watch this next – From $0 to $1 million in 1 year… Do THIS:

  • @itsravish says:

    If you are just starting up, you can’t wait for years to build a brand before you start acquiring customers.

    Acquire customers using direct response + organic, offer great product & service, it will automatically build your brand as more and more people come into your ecosystem.

    Gary Vee works with 100 yr old Fortune 500 companies who already have a brand.

    • @russellbrunson says:

      Great point!

    • @isaiahharris7046 says:

      This is why Nuance is so important when it comes to advice. One of the biggest things I hate about Gary Vee is the fact that he discourages people from buying courses and coaching programs to further their education of how to have a successful business. If you had a business coach they’d be able to tell you the Nuance of when you should apply direct response and when you should apply branding. I feel that Gary Vee creates a bunch of motivated idiots, people with hustle and grind but because they have no clue what they’re doing they do it in the wrong direction. Also this is coming from someone that used to be a Gary Vee fan and after I saw him speak live stopped being a garyvee fan.

    • @derekf9017 says:

      Yes it is​@@russellbrunson

    • @deathveteranxd6650 says:

      What did ge say? 😂​@isaiahharris7046

  • @isaiahharris7046 says:

    If you survey the average Gary Vee fan and the average Russell Brunson fan and ask them how much income they make Russell Brunson is going to win every single time. Most fans of garyvee that I’ve met just have business ideas fans of Russell actually are running businesses.

    • @Jackson_Zheng says:

      It seems to me like there are stages to the game. For instance, before people really get serious, they’d try and copy what the most influential businesses are doing – branding, but since that’s a very long game, they then give up on it and move to direct response because they got that quick win and got instantly rewarded for doing that. But, as the business grows, eventually, you’ll hit a ceiling since direct reponse scales only linearly at best whereas branding and word of mouth scales exponentially. Once you have a brand, you no longer have to rely on outreach or ads since your audience will naturally promote it for you. Once people realise that, they come back full circle, but now with the perspective and understanding of the nuances with both approaches.

      Take Alex Hormozi as a great example. First he was the king of advertising for gyms, but eventually, when he realised that Kylie Jenner made significantly more than him through branding, he shifted gears and now look where he’s at and where he’s headed!

  • @djedjynho17 says:

    I started this journey as a direct response face-to-face marketing coordinator; I was tricked by God to become an entrepreneur; and now I will use direct response to teach direct response to my fellow Haitians for a better future Haiti, isn’t that crazy? Haha 🇭🇹

  • @aw885 says:

    Russell, you are right. Starting with direct marketing and good offers builds your brand automatically, and it is less expensive and more efficient than starting with the brand only. I do listen to Gary a lot.

  • @fromdonwithlove says:

    Direct Response gives you the money you’ll need to bring more people into your sphere of influence and experience your brand. I love the clear callouts in this video, e.g., “Acquiring a customer is expensive on the front end. The second sale is the cheapest”. This harkens back to the classic ‘A ha!’ from Dan Kennedy. “Whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.”

  • @AChristmasStoryFamily says:

    You won! I agree with you and your strategy helped us take a 40 year old movie and build a brand around it with the original cast of the movie through direct response marketing!

    Indont know if you’re an A Christmas Story Movie fan but we’re a Russell Brunson fan.

  • @BizMorning says:

    Okay I agree with you but….I do believe in brand meaning as soon as you announce you wrote another book, I’m buying it. Oh crap, or is that I’m a fan? 🤔 Anywho, you are a brand but I do agree with direct marketing as well. That said, I love your brand! 😊

  • @TheRestorationContractor says:

    Russell – you are the GOAT. You got me into coaching… We now do over 1M per year with 1 employee…

    You made it sound super simple a few years ago when I bought into your 2k infoproduct.

    It was much harder than I thought but I made it

    Thank you for your work

  • @DonnieHoover says:

    While I love learning from you both, I do lean towards the direct response side…

    I 100% agree with your ideology of bringing them into your world with direct response marketing and then hooking them into your brand…

  • @contendforthefaith84 says:

    A brand is the “face” of the company, if you will. When you first see someone, you see their face. That’s it. You don’t know if you can trust them or believe in what they are doing/selling. You have to learn more about them. DMR, by contrast, is the engine that makes the car go. So, DMR is very important up front.

    HOWEVER, that “face” – or brand – becomes more critical each day that goes by. Why? Because it represents who you are – it represents your culture, your beliefs, your actions, etc. Why do some companies change their brand? Because of severe, negative connotations that it provides about the company. Why are some brands big fixtures in American society? Because we see what that brand represents.

    In conclusion, good DMR will overcome bad branding but good branding will never overcome bad DMR.

  • @desmondaberdeen2004 says:

    I agree with you. Let’s take a look at Peloton’s direct marketing strategy. Initially, their marketing spoke to me about the benefits of owning a Peloton bike, which for me was to lose weight. However, through their branding efforts, I became interested in purchasing their apparel and eventually decided to buy a Peloton Treadmill. Interestingly, it was easier for me to pre-order the Treadmill compared to the bike, which took me months to purchase. Now I’ll be in your Two Comma Club coaching soon, then Atlas 🙂

  • @mikeg3810 says:

    Yeah, I agree with Russell. Branding is the second to Direct Response.

  • @ValentinRosas-pz9ju says:

    “Direct response marketers are the only ones who know what they’re doing” – David Ogilvy
    Dan Kennedy has another great book called Branding by direct response! I 100% agree.

    Another book called Flip The Brand I interpreted that it goes along the same lines, but gives you actual metrics to measure your brand on the back end, which I think is what were all looking for!

  • @lukmanondeku-cg2iu says:

    Out of all the videos out there, I bumped into this!

    I’ve been going the route of branding for some months now, and while I have attracted some clients, it’s just not up to my expectations.

    I am going to run some Facebook and Instagram Ads in the next 2 days while still going about my branding.

    So, in a way, I am for you both.

    I agree with how you’ve put it, ‘Direct Response Marketing brings them in and branding keeps them.’

    PS: You’ve got a new subscriber here. Great video!

  • @mark_mckellar says:

    Appreciate you staying true to what you know and do best 👊Have been waiting for some time for you to address this. Thanks again Russell!

  • @Julia_TradesCrypto says:

    Thank you so much Russell!

  • @eyeswideopenpod says:

    I’m definitely a direct reponse marketer. I don’t want to build my brand first. I know I can but eh I do what feels best for me and my business and that’s direct response.

  • @lastnamecanada says:

    This video is 🔥. I have been studying your books and content and I didn’t realize it until watching this video. Had this idea and have been focusing on my offer to get people in the door and creating content to build relationships with them once they are in. Direct Response then branding is the way. Thanks for this! 🔥🔥

  • @alexjoh13 says:

    I think branding and direct response should go hand in hand, BUT for a long-term win, branding is the more powerful tool and gets you cheaper conversions in the long run. Which is also why you make these videos, Russell😉 Loving the frequent uploads!

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