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  • @marquanwhitelaw1537 says:

    Mind blowing

  • @issanadia says:

    But doesn’t Google translate content to audiences by the native language?

  • @Youareindenial says:

    What’s your prep for this Neil?
    Are you using a translation software?
    Are you paying a translator to verify accuracy?
    Are you utilising a plug-in that translates the already existing content for you?

    I completely agree translation is key for a wider audience and they also are less likely to have the content but we need the hows not the why’s.

  • @seeyouthereinvitations says:

    How do we go about doing that? Do you have a blog post on this topic?

  • @The_creative_blogger_TCB says:

    When are you hiring Neil ❤I wanna work with you in future ❤

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