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In 2024, moving forward, your content strategy HAS TO CHANGE if you want to be able to compete in the digital landscape.

SEO will still be important, but with the changes we are seeing with search engines and search results pages due to the addition of generative AI results, SEO now has a new partner in content ranking: GEO (generative engine optimization).

If you want to learn how to adapt your current content strategy to optimize for both SEO and GEO, you need to tune in to this webinar tomorrow (2/13).

Support Team

  • @cranium33333 says:

    You mean you google search for an answer will no longer be a list of shopping recommendations??

  • @auro1986 says:

    with every change you will sell your seo services

  • @goldretirementsolutions says:

    It also takes roughly 10 seconds to generate the result. So yeah not too worried.

  • @ajeshkammayi4115 says:

    How do I Join web Nair

  • @gideonakpan9677 says:

    High value INFO. @NEIL PATEL, How do I SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR tomorrow

  • @mtmt9899 says:

    I’ve signed up but just realized I have a schedule conflict. Can we watch the replay?

  • @bobhendershot7108 says:

    Where do I sign up?

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