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  • @BoneZRilla-co4ew says:

    That’s cute you trying to play off the perception humans aren’t suckers for brand names

  • @WebsiteDarlings says:

    What’s so sneaky about it? What’s sneaky is your click bait title.

    • @user-nj1ob8ht3p says:

      their products are overpriced and he has the balls to tell it publicly, of course to advertise himself…so what, that is obvious and not sneaky at all

    • @WebsiteDarlings says:

      @@user-nj1ob8ht3p Your point has nothing to do with mine.

  • @lorenzoarodriguez6048 says:

    Great video pointing out how to generate one for our own businesses!

  • @Corpority says:

    brilliant ❤

  • @MrGreen087 says:

    Hey Neil. Can we say that Branding is the future of digital marketing?

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