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This simple framework that I learn from Tony Robbins changed the way I look at success forever.
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Over the past 20 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books (making him a New York Times Bestselling Author), popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded the software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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Support Team

  • @AdrianPuiu says:

    First comment for my mentor Russell Brunson. ❤

  • @russellbrunson says:

    WATCH NEXT: How Eileen Wilder Made $1 Million In One Day

  • @anthony5reece says:

    Hi all. I just want to say, I put my first profit into my business account yesterday! Nothing big to most but its the start of something. Everyone go solve people’s problems and be blessed!

  • @leadgenjay says:

    Russell’s insights on the 6 Human Needs are spot on.

  • @sarahalubale1945 says:

    Insightful… Thank you for sharing 😊

  • @RobAndersonsgoogle says:

    Great video Russell! First acknowledge the steps to create positive habits then EXECUTE on those steps! You taught this in a that was easy to understand and take actin on! Thanks! -Rob Anderson

  • @Askanda says:

    Wow mentor. Spirit got me ❤

  • @irmaromero8946 says:

    Hello BRONCE Haw are you😮today oll find Bronso cuando nos vamos a ver de persona a persona puedo ir a visitar cres que puedo

  • @Buy.YT.Views.677 says:

    No way!

  • @heinzvl9990 says:

    Great examples Russell, first gonna work on growth!🎉

  • @yashaofsauga says:

    this is what the bible refers as “the flesh” and “the carnal mind”
    Jesus requires them that follow Him to “deny themselves”, “hate their life for His sake”, “crucify their flesh” and take up a burden assigned to them by God while following Him.
    everything about these ideas is about self as if God is not alive, as if God has no personhood, as if He has no desire and intent to be established within the human and about the human.

    Jesus assumed human form whereby it is reasonable to surmise His fleshed experienced a yearning for all of these things mentioned but yet still He denied Himself for the will of The Father all the way unto death.

    this self-help economy dismisses the sensitivity of God completely,
    what about Gods needs? are Gods needs being met? what needs does He have and how would one satisfy them?
    anyone living in america should be more concerned about the needs of God than the needs of mankind

  • @CurlyHairArtistry says:

    Tony looking sharp and Russel looking goofy in the thumbnail….why?

  • @AfricanFlightStar says:

    Excellent advice Mr Brunson! I am getting so into your world, listening to multiple Marketing Secrets podcasts every day, and loving every one of them! Only wish I had found you 15 years ago when you started, would have helped me a lot.
    Thank you for everything you do for us, and all you give to us. It’s some of the very best life and business advice I’ve found in my 68 years on the planet, and presented in a fun way. I mean that. Cheers 🙏🏼
    PS: Oh, nice little funnel here too 😉

  • @mohibquadri4053 says:

    Russell how to become a creative and futuristic thinker and earn promotions through it in my company as engineer/employee by raising valuable work outputs ? Any book recommendations or tips to work it out as i have less experience in my field so have to find something else to grow at faster pace in corporate world and stand out from rest…

  • @OgQ45 says:

    On my side I will work on certainty and significance. I think my values need to be evaluated.

  • @Nacl07878 says:

    Thank you! This gives me clarity to start my journey again!

  • @mradityaraj443 says:

    😢 I am not getting what you are saying.

    Can you please translate into Hindi

    By the way I am big fan of yours.

    I read all of your three book.

    I am stuck in paralysis of analysis.

    Help me please help me help me help me help me help me.

  • @wholeperformancecoach says:

    This is the best video you have ever made Russel. Love the vulnerability.

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