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  • @charlieboy1623 says:

    I want to start a podcast but don’t know much about it.

    • @riversoellner. says:

      Watch some advices on YouTube and listen to a lot of podcast to familiarize the style on how they do it. Then convert everything you’ve learn to what you are interested to discuss on your podcast.

  • @Loveandlight428 says:

    What if writing is your passion Neil? The only way to share ur ideas then is blogging. I was about to start my own blog, now you are making me rethink. Basically, are you saying that blogging isn’t profitable anymore?

    • @DivyanshShek1 says:

      Hey! Blogging can still be profitable, but it’s competitive. Success often requires unique content, niche focus, consistency, and strategic marketing. It’s possible with dedication and a smart approach.

  • @KeirChapman says:

    Pick a lane. You were all about the advantages of blogs yesterday.

  • @paulnevarez84 says:

    Yes, but one takes 2-3 mins to read and the other takes way more time to get through. The chances of a podcast being successful for the average person today must be close to 0%. You need to have some kind of new angle to it or be famous

  • @nadiaztech says:

    Omg why r u spreading fear for bloggers😮

  • @Roth-vx4uv says:

    I to tell you it takes more time to read then keyword earmark ques but I still love you

  • @GoGetMarked says:

    Man’s fallen off. He benefits off of gullible people hoping to get some SEO golden ticket.

  • @jacobcasselias2398 says:

    Brother Plz where do you get your information from

  • @jacobcasselias2398 says:

    Plz where do u gett the information from

  • @tiphannyk says:

    Been missing u!!! Happy new year 🎆

  • @deequeens says:

    Pillows for the widows money 💵 0:59

  • @sa35915 says:

    You should do what works for your own brand.

  • @mugabiimran says:

    Cool stats

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