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  • @Theprabhuv says:

    Your information creates new way of thinking every time

  • @serajacob8278 says:

    Thank you 😊

  • @moodavenuerecords says:

    How can you tell people not to create content and that it is a waste of time?

  • @ThelmaExplores says:

    This is not a true statement. My friend began one year ago and has made over $2,000,000 in passive income. Niche or not content is the nature of the platform such as this video post

  • @getchipbot says:

    Your content is 🔥… what’s better ROI than creating content?

  • @rifledepot6067 says:

    When your traffic is zero one person can be 100% increase that’s not very impressive

  • @toxikingrv says:

    Bro doesn’t blink

  • @ThelmaExplores says:

    They really want creators to help with Shorts. That’s the real waste of time. Long form is the way to go for passive income

  • @godfreyabogo4951 says:

    So what do we do now?
    How does one get traffic?

  • @hamsagopalaswami7404 says:

    Yes, quite insightful 🙏✨️

  • @finlanza says:

    How do you create content that’s not “just content”

  • @khadijarafique9609 says:

    What about people who think just creating content with AI is cool for the sake of topical authority? Because it’ isn’t about being great but more?

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